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NRA Home Firearms Safety Course

The NRA Home Firearm Safety Course is a four hour course for the individual that has a working knowledge of firearms and firearms' safety. This course consists of safety, different types of firearms, their operation, and safety features, ammunition and safe storage.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $150.00

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NRA Basic Firearms Safety Course

The NRA Basic Firearms Safety Course is a 10 hour course taught over a 2 day period. This course is for the individual that has little or no experience with firearms. The course covers all aspects of firearm and pistol safety, operation and range etiquette. The course consists of both classroom time and range instruction. All learning materials, firearms & ammunition, and range are included with this course.

Duration: 10 Hours over 2 days

Price: $250.00

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NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home

The Basics of Personal Protection in the Home addresses both aspects of a total personal protection strategy in the home. The course deals with techniques and strategies designed to deter burglers, home invaders and other criminals. Also how to make your home less appealing to criminals. This course covers an array of other preparations and strategies that make this course a must for the individual that wants to have a firearm as part of their home defense. This is a 2 day course and range time is included.

Duration: 2 days

Price: $350.00

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Individual Training and Instruction

I am a Firearms Instructor for the NRA (Law Enforcement), Municipal Police Training Committee, Glock and certified by Sig Academy as a Range Master. As a Sergent in the US Army I was an Instructor for the shotgun (Patrol, Riot and Combat) and to familiarize the female Military Police with the 1911. I can help you with basic shooting skills or to go as advanced as you would like with pistol or rifle. All instruction and training is at an hourly rate with a 3 hour minimum.


Price: $75.00

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